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Enough Co., Ltd. is

specialized cosmetics company

in the pursuit of pure, natural beauty.

a trusted company

happy life

global company

We provide reliable products based on our extesive know-how as specialists in cosmetics.

All of our honest products are made with care and pride.

We create cosmetics products for comfortable everyday use, and work toward making life more plentiful by providing products you can trust.

Based on our core specialties in cosmetics, the products of Enough Co, Ltd. are making a name for themselves in overseas markets. We aim to grow into a global comfort of use to customers the world over.

Welcome. I am Lee Hwa-Yong, the President of Enought Co., Ltd. We at Enough CO., Ltd. are striving to become a global leader, creating a clean, beautiful future for all, with our expertise and experience in the field of cosmetics.

We have gained our special know-how through the development and distribution of cosmetic products and dedicated our efforts to emerge as a progressive leader in the domestic and foreign cosmetic markets.

We have invested in to R&D to develop reakthrough skin care products, and in the process, we have discoverd 6 types of grain extracts that can enhance the beauty and lealth of the skin.

By researching and developing a wide range of products that can suit the needs of people from various ethnic backgrouds with different skin types, we are leading the true globalization of Korean cosmetics.

The executives and employees of Enough Co., Ltd. promise to ontinue our commitment to our vision of becoming a top cosmetic company that cupplies clean and safe products oe beautiful, healthy skin.

thank you

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